10,000 steps..Why?

So…why do we want to walk 10,000 steps?

Was that goal developed by a leading fitness expert or medical researcher based on years of study and experience?

The answer is no!

In fact, the 10,000 step goal was created in 1964 by a Japanese marketing firm who wanted to sell a device called the “Manpo-kei” or 10,000 steps meter. The goal was actually just a marketing campaign. But, the effectiveness of the campaign is clear, almost 40 years later it is still considered the gold standard of fitness goals.

So – what is the optimal number of steps you should be targeting?

According to researchers at Harvard School of Medicine who completed a study in 2015, there is a perfect number!

The study found that while at 2,000 steps you are considered sedentary at just over 4,000 steps you start to receive some health benefits. The optimal number is in fact almost double at 7,500 steps.

All that to say – if you set a goal of 10,000 and land somewhere between 7 – 8 thousand that is helping improve your overall health. At WF we have largely been hitting the 10,000 step goal for the past year and we know that it makes us feel 100% better! In fact, on the days we don’t hit it – because life sometimes gets in the way (read: errands only done by car) we don’t feel the same.

So, join us on our Revive journey for the next 21 days – start a new habit and log those steps.

We will be checking in with you every Sunday to keep you and us accountable.