The holiday season seems to have a little less sparkle and shine with most of the festive parties and dinners being canceled because of COVID. Whether your entertainment plans are shifting from the usual extended family extravaganza down to a handful or two people, you can still make it a December to remember by incorporating these DIY holiday decorating tips from the master behind Aubé Studios, Nathan Aubé. Get ready to sleigh your holiday table!

Nathan Aubé’s Top Tips:

Color: Start by choosing 3 or 4 colors to help bring the room and table together and to create the mood you’re after. In this case, we selected gold, forest green and burgundy. The textural richness of the hardwood table was an obvious choice, versus having a table cloth, and a natural companion to these lush greens and deep wine hues.

Greenery: Simplistic, festive and stylish. Placing individual holiday greenery along the center of your table in lieu of a table runner will please the mind and the senses.Think cedar, pine and Fraser firs for a rich aesthetic.

Layering: Bring in those colors and depth by layering easy and festive natural elements. In this set up, we used pine cones, cinnamon sticks and chestnuts. You can also incorporate tree ornaments and balls from your chosen color scheme on top of your greenery to give various heights, texture and dimension.

Candles: Repeat after me, the more candle light, the merrier! Think high and think low. Combine varying sizes and heights with candles to create an undulating effect across the table. The allure of candlelight on any table is timeless and chic.

Napkins: Ladies and gents, beautiful napkins are a must and don’t get sluggish after all this effort. Take the time to press the linens!

Smaller Spaces: If your holiday table doesn’t have the width or length to accommodate all of these suggestions, I love the idea of placing bud vases and votives along the center of the table and filling them with colourful stems that match your holiday theme.

Technology: Wait, what? Zoom is a lot more fun when the table looks glam, your glass is filled and your family and friends can enjoy all the décor efforts you’ve put in. Treat your iPad like a guest who can feast along with you. If we have to be alone, we might as well be alone together in the most sophisticated way possible.

Finally, regardless of your budget or time, try to create a positive vibe this season in any way you can. A virtual gathering isn’t top of choice for anyone this holiday, but it does allow us to connect. From our bubble at Aubé Studios to yours, Happy Holidays!

Curated by: Aubé Studios @aube_studios

LMG Event Co.  @lmgeventco

Photos by: Angelina Aristodemo @angiethephotographer

Nathan Aubé, the face behind Aubé Studios, has in a few short years become one of Toronto’s most sought-after, bespoke floral designers, specializing in custom gifting ... , client recognition and custom event designs. With a background in fashion design and with luxury brands, Nathan takes inspiration from high end fashion in creating visual experiences with his floral installations.