Building Immunity!

Alright wellness warriors, winter is nearing and WF wants to arm you for battle. As we’ve all learned from seasons past, there is no one pill or solution to keep nasty flus and colds at bay, but there are some practical, efficient and easy steps we can take to boost our immunity at a really important time of year to be proactive about preventative health.

The road to optimal immune health has many paths and taking one road won’t get you there. WF is reaching out to the experts for some direction!


Soups and bone broth have been enjoying the limelight in the last few years thanks to the Keto and Paleo diets as an aid to losing weight, but according to nutritionist Lianne Phillipson, “It not only helps to digest mucus but also supports your gut where 80% of your immune system resides.” Loading up on garlic and onion (hey, we’re all wearing masks anyway) will give you some serious anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial boosts. For women with candida issues, add probiotic-rich, fermented foods, like kimchi and kombucha this season.

You’ve already been told to eat the rainbow, and we’re here to remind you, to eat the darn rainbow! Phillipson says, “Think color: sweet potatoes, beets, colorful peppers, broccoli, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and cherries, that can all go into a smoothie.” And, of course, she stresses the importance of hydration from water, herbal teas and just sipping that broth out of a mug.

Public enemy #1 in all of this? Sugar! Phillipson warns, “Sugar suppresses the immune system for hours. Sadly, it is found in just about everything. Even that glass of OJ in the morning, because of its high sugar content, can start you on a rollercoaster of immune suppression and wanting more sugar throughout the day.” With the holidays quickly approaching, remember to read those labels and watch out for the excess glucose in all your favorite treats!


Amidst the ever-changing information surrounding COVID-19, one thing is certain, Vitamin D is enjoying
superstar status. Some research has suggested that lower Vitamin D levels are associated with more COVID-19 cases and deaths. While not proven, one idea is that Vitamin D can boost the immune system and help fight off the infection. So, how much should you be taking and what other supplements can you add?

WF checks in with Dr. Tara Campbell, a naturopathic doctor, who says in addition to eating nutrient dense real food, there are foundational nutrients for proactive and preventative immune care.

Some of her suggestions include:

  1. VITAMIN D3: 2000IU/day is a baseline daily dosage, but she highly recommends testing your Vitamin D levels – especially right now!
  2. ZINC BISGLYCINATE: 15-30mg/day. Zinc Bisglycinate is a key immune and skin supportive nutrient. Bisglycinate is a more absorbable form. Did you know that pumpkin seeds are one food rich in zinc? Take your zinc and eat pumpkin seeds!
  3. VITAMIN C: 1000-2000 mg/day. Vitamin C helps with adrenal, skin, energy and cellular support.
  4. OMEGA 3: 1500 EPA/day helps to reduce inflammation and to alleviate skin dryness while supporting brain and hormone health.
  5. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: can have many benefits to overall well-being, including, hormone imbalance.
  6. MULTI-STRAIN PROBIOTIC: 11-20 billion strain. Your immune system starts in your gut!

While these recommendations are a great start, there’s no better time to check in with a naturopathic doctor and get an overall assessment on micronutrient imbalances and deficiencies. Find out what you need and how much, specific to you!

Just to be clear, Dr. Campbell isn’t suggesting you replace your MD with a ND. When it comes to choosing to see a doctor or a naturopathic doctor, she says, “It’s not one or the other. It’s important to have both. You want your conventional doctor for specific things, and you’ll want a ND to be your advocate for optimal health and help make sure you have a personalized wellness plan that fits those missing puzzle pieces in order to feel your best.”

WF is always on the hunt for the latest in clean, immune boosting supplements. Right now, we are obsessed with the virus fighting properties of PROPOLIS—a resin like material made from bees.

Why is propolis creating such a buzz? It’s BEE-Cause its full of polyphenols which help fight against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It also has anti-inflammatory effects and help skin heal.

Here are the products that have us buzzing lately!