Photo: Charlotte’s Web

“She rose everyday, awaking others with her courage and with that smile that infected your spirit at the cellular level.”
– the Stanley Brothers

Charlotte Figi was a hero. Her unwavering courage to fight through her Dravet’s syndrome – was a testament to her strength of character.

Charlotte was born a twin but from the young age of just 3 months when she suffered her first grand mal seizure, her parents realized that her life journey would be nothing like that of her twin sister. While her parents fought valiantly to find solutions to relieve the symptoms of this deadly disease trying over 12 different types of pharmaceuticals for Charlotte, nothing worked. Sadly, the medications often made Charlotte’s seizures worse and even stopped her heart. At this point, their little girl was slipping farther from their grip – no longer walking or talking and had to be fed via a feeding tube.

Finally, when she was 5 years old and her poor battered body was just about ready to give out and every pharmaceutical option had been exhausted, her parents made the courageous decision to try a very non-traditional medical route. They reached out to the Stanley Brothers who at the time were developing a unique strain of hemp that was high in CBD and low in THC, a monumental step for a traditionally conservative military family from the south-west.

The Stanley Brothers, a group of seven brothers driven by their unwavering desire to help others suffering from chronic, life threatening illnesses have helped popularize CBD products since 2013. Based in Boulder, Colorado, their products continue to develop and expand to meet the growing demand of medical and wellness needs.

Photo: Charlotte’s Web

For Charlotte, their product was life saving. With just one dose – Charlotte’s 300 grand mal seizures per week ceased for a full 7 days.

For the next 8 years, Charlotte slowly regained all the motor functions she had lost – walking, talking and eating unassisted. The Figi family gained their daughter and sister back. Charlotte’s success with the strain of hemp developed by the Stanley brothers became a beacon of hope for other families suffering with similar conditions.In fact, as a result of the work they have done, thousands of families moved to Colorado to access their products.

Photo: CNN.com

“She made me realize that it would not just be a medical failing but a moral failing if this medicine was somehow withheld from people.”
– Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Sadly, Charlotte’s weakened immune system could not fight the raging COVID-19 virus. So, while she fought valiantly for 8 years to regain her life – her body succumbed to pneumonia on April 7th, 2020.

“Her story built communities, her need built hope and her legacy will continue to build harmony. She was a light that lit the world.”
– the Stanley Brothers

In honour of Charlotte’s brief, but impactful life, Colorado governor Jared Polis named April 7th, Charlotte Figi Day.

To see the beautiful tribute to this amazing young girl, please go to realmofcaring.com and to learn more about the revolutionary products created by the Stanley Brothers, please visit charlottesweb.com