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Olympic Excellence

Photo: Courtesy of COC

They haven’t been receiving the attention they deserve, but this year’s Olympians have once again out done themselves.

Canada’s Olympic medal finished at 26 which places Canada in the TOP 5 countries in terms of total Olympic medals and we couldn’t be prouder of all the athletes in terms of their dedication and perseverance, in spite of Canada implementing some of the strictest Covid 19 protocols in the world for their training – creating what would be almost insurmountable obstacles.

There is nothing like the Olympics to motivate us. The stories of the athletes and the work they do just to train day in day out while often maintaining a full time job is awe-inspiring.

Photo: Courtesy of Globe and Mail

From the Canadian women’s Olympic hockey team to speed skating, figure skating and ski jumping – the athletic excellence and dedication inspires us to be better.

It makes a 21 day challenge seem like a walk in the park!

These Olympic Games were plagued by geopolitical
unrest, flooded accommodations, less than palatable food and doping controversy. In spite of all these issues, our Canadian athletes have persevered and have performed with excellence and grace.

We watched closely and cheered on all our athletes as they give their best heading into the final weekend and the closing ceremonies on Sunday.

P.S. We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the incredible Olympic looks by Lululemon. If there was a gold medal in Olympic fashion—you know Canada won it by a long shot!

Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Light