Like so many of you, we’ve mastered the art of online shopping. Quite frankly, almost too well. We’ve also found a way to order the one thing we haven’t bought for ourselves all year—rings. Before you roll your eyes—hear us out. Pretty simple to get a new bracelet, necklace  earrings. But a new cocktail ring? Who knows what size these fingers are anymore, and full disclosure—the thickness of these digits have been fluctuating along with our waistlines. WF has solved your problems with these two tools. Oh,  we’re also including our favorite dazzlers. You’re welcome!

Invisible Ring Size Adjuster

Eight pieces of clear plastic that easily snap on to loose fitting rings. It’s invisible, soft and easy to snap on!

Yasumai Metal Ring Sizer

This is one of those tools you never knew you needed, allowing you to measure every finger, above and below the knuckle for all those fashionable stacking rings.

WF’s Favourite Cocktail Rings This Season