Since the pandemic began, we’ve invested an unnatural amount of at home beauty tools and products. Some have been winners and some have been the trendy ‘looked good on instagram’ type of gadgets that offered zero benefits. Much like our wardrobe styling, we’ve certainly pared down our beauty routines. Do we miss a really kick ass oxygen facial and a deep tissue massage? No doubt. The two things we miss the most and make us feel more like our best selves, however, is a really great salon blow out and a gel manicure.

Okay starting with the gold standard, this Dyson kit comes with salon like capabilities, but a hefty price tag. There are people that will patiently learn to use all the functions and get optimal results, making the $700 investment worth it. We’re not those people! We want to look like ourselves, but also don’t want to waste an enormous amount of time learning complicated techniques for our loungewear looks. Admittedly, we have more time than ever to master the ultimate hair gadget, yet we’re taking a pass. It’s all about your level of commitment.

We’ve included a link for a similar tool that will have some of the attachments that the Dyson is offering at a fraction of the price, but I think it’s fair to say that the quality of the Dyson kit is in a class of its own.

This Revlon tool is sparking joy for us right now. It’s inexpensive and it works. Lightweight, this 2 in 1 hair dryer and brush has been producing wavy and smooth blowouts every single time. No, it cannot replace your hairdresser, but it will make you feel less amateurish in the hair department.

For the days when you just can’t muster the energy for a home blow out, our simple solution has been to accessorize a messy pony with a headband. This velvet wrapped accessory has all the luxury brand vibes that we’ve been seeing from the big design houses, without the big price tag.

We’re not quite sure when maintaining nails on a regular basis really became a thing, but we’re sure it has something to do with the invention of shellac and gel manicures that could last 2-3 weeks between visits. We tried to go back to regular drugstore polishes, even the ones that claim to be reformulated with chip resistant materials, but to no avail. After waiting for our nails to dry for hours (who does this anymore?!?) and seeing the toddler like results, we moved on.

This at-home gel kit has been a game changer! It’s an easy to use and an inexpensive tool that keeps your nails looking fresh. We’re hooked on this one!

Full disclosure—we’ve become addicted to our gel nail kit and have added nail wrap stickers to our beauty arsenal. This is an easy DIY nail art trick we’re loving. WF recommends playing around with the busiest sticker designs, rather than solid colored wraps as a simple way to disguise application imperfections. Seal the wraps with your gel top coat and LED lamp for longer wear.

Maintaining your hair and nails certainly isn’t at the top of the priority list during a pandemic, we get it, but there’s something to be said about feeling a little better when you’re looking a little fresher.