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“Today 1 in 4 teens are victims of bullying and 71% of those teens experience bullying on a continuous basis. Bullying may even lead to bullicide – teens who are so severely bullied they choose to take their own lives.”

  • US Department of Justice

In 2007, Canadian teens David Shephard and Travis Price made a decision to stand up for a grade 9 student who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school in Nova Scotia. The teens bought 50 pink shirts to hand out as a symbol of their support for their classmate. Today, Pink Shirt Day or anti bullying day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of February in many countries around the world– including Australia, the UK, the US and Canada.

Today, teens may be bullied on based on race, religion, income level, sexual preference, intelligence and the list goes on. Help your kids be a part of the solution and challenge the educational institutions to take a more active role in preventing bullying. While many institutions claim a no bullying policy – few if any actually have an action plan that they implement to remove these bullies.

Pink Shirt Day is Wednesday February 24th…so buy a pink shirt today and help bring attention on and support to the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect.