With fewer reasons to ‘dress to impress’ this season, COVID-19 has shifted our fashion sensibilities. Less is more when it comes to our wardrobe picks and that trend can be seen in make up and skin care as well. WF is reaching out to industry insider, Nicole Grittani, on the obvious shifts of professional makeup artistry. She’s sharing her experience and letting us know how you can streamline your beauty routine.

It’s true. I LOVE my make up. I curate an expensive, luxury kit for my clients, but like so many of you, COVID-19 has shifted my entire business. I am in a unique position to witness the drastic changes in the beauty industry from both a business perspective as well as a consumer and as someone who is very particular about what goes into my kit and onto my skin.

With the world in various phases of lockdown, many personal services like facial treatments and makeup applications have been shut down entirely, forcing so many of us to contemplate what to do next. I personally began selling wholesale beauty items to keep a small but steady flow into my business account. Sales are down, but it seems within the beauty industry, make up sales have been the lowest.

People are spending more time at home, so less is better for now. We are no longer grabbing products to attempt a gorgeous complexion. Rather, the desire is a one step or two step regimen that gives us a natural glowing skin result and I have found some interesting products to share.

Complexion products that have much more skin care in them are gaining popularity, like the REBOOT foundation. It is a simple, lightweight, almost serum based foundation that blurs and smooths imperfections while working to improve your skin. I’ve also noticed more skincare based products that include color correcting agents in them, like the Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream, that matches any skintone and corrects redness. I’m amazed by the technology behind the one step process.

With less work and less client interaction, I have really scaled back as well. I spent time during lockdown streamlining my kit and curating a smaller, more compact one. Creativity comes naturally to most make up artists, so I’ve used that energy to be the best mixologist. A great product I highly recommend to all professional artists or makeup aficionados is any type of refillable make up case like the MYO Makeup cases.

One of my favorite things to do is to head over to the beauty section of a department store and explore all the new and upcoming products, getting to know the brand and their best practices. For now, I’m compelled to research all these products online. Here are a few more of my favorite 2020 products that have made it into my personal kit.

While this holiday season may look a little different with fewer visits with family and friends, I still believe that when you look good, you feel good. With that in mind, stay positive and buy that lipstick you were thinking about, because why not?
A professional makeup artist and hair stylist specializing in fashion, bridal, editorial and commercial events, Nicole’s passion for all things beautywas fuelled in part by years of stage performance and competitive dance. An experienced ... artist, her talents have taken to her to various music, film and television sets with extensive experience working with with professional models and photographers. Known for her gentle applications and careful precision, her end goal is to leave every client feeling flawless and fabulous.