The World is Opening Up

From travel and retail, to restaurants and gyms the world is finally returning to some sense of normalcy! Lots of great news for shoppers, foodies and gym goers with Canadian capacity limits eliminated as of Thursday Feb 17 th . Time to break out the resos to support our restaurants and there is certainly no better time to hit the gym! Sports venues and concerts, as well as salons are still at 50% until March 1 st, but as things continue to improve, hopefully we will be in full swing by March Break.

Travel to the sunny south or Europe for the break has suddenly become easier too! In fact, it is wonderful news for everyone travelling mid March! As of March 1 st , Canada will no longer require returning residents or visitors to obtain a PCR test for entry. Instead, travellers can do a rapid antigen test ( approved by the country they are returning from). Even if you are randomly selected at the airport for a test, you no longer have to quarantine as you await your results. Great news for parents of unvaccinated children, they will no longer have to isolate for 14 days from school or daycare upon returning from vacation.

While some European countries are lifting travel testing, many of the islands are still requiring travel testing and authorizations to be completed before you head out. Proof of your insurance coverage may also be required. So, please remember to check with the country site. Happy Travels!