Elusive Sleep

Wellness Elusive Sleep …. So, what does happen when we don’t sleep? Source: hopkinsmedecine.org Perhaps Elon Musk could be the poster child for the damage that lack of sleep can do. In 2019, while working 120 hours a week, rarely leaving the Tesla factory and relying on Ambien, so he could squeeze in a few […]

Habits 101

Wellness Habits 101 hab·it /ˈhabət/Noun: a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior (her habit of taking a morning walk) : an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary (got up early from force of habit) Over the past three weeks of our Revive Campaign we have been focused on our healthy […]

Sleep Fundamentals

Wellness Sleep Fundamentals For the past year, WF has become obsessed with sleep. We’ve read endlessly on the ways to get more sleep, the routines to ensure better sleep, the foods to eat, when to exercise as well how to create the best sleep environment. Our bodies and our brains need 7-8 hrs of sleep […]

10,000 steps..Why?

Wellness 10,000 steps..Why? So…why do we want to walk 10,000 steps? Was that goal developed by a leading fitness expert or medical researcher based on years of study and experience? The answer is no! In fact, the 10,000 step goal was created in 1964 by a Japanese marketing firm who wanted to sell a device […]

Get Your Glow On!

Wellness Get Your Glow On! Photo: mysolluna.com Everyone has their own version of the green smoothie, but we still maintain there’s nothing like Kimberly Snyder’s GGS, Glowing Green Smoothie. Packed with mineral-rich greens and vitamin-packed fruit, it’s easy to see why Kimberley’s hair is thick and healthy and her skin simply glows! It is definitely […]

Building Immunity!

Wellness Building Immunity! Alright wellness warriors, winter is nearing and WF wants to arm you for battle. As we’ve all learned from seasons past, there is no one pill or solution to keep nasty flus and colds at bay, but there are some practical, efficient and easy steps we can take to boost our immunity […]


Wellness YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS EASY AND MOIST PUMPKIN BREAD! This is a must bake recipe! My family could barely wait for this WF Pumpkin Loaf to come out of the oven before they sliced it open. Thank goodness this recipe makes two loaves so we could snap a photo for you! This is […]

WF’s Perfect Pesto

Wellness WHY YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS EASY PESTO RIGHT NOW! We know you’re getting ready for sweater weather, but don’t walk past those glorious bunches of fresh basil being sold by the bucket loads at your local farmers market and food shops. September is the official summer wrap up of produce! Make this incredibly […]

WF’s Skin Deep Affair with K- Beauty

Wellness WF’s Skin Deep Affair with K- Beauty. WF’s deep dive into K-Beauty continues this week with one of our favorite brands — Sulwahsoo. Like AMOREPACIFIC, the top tier ingredient list is what sets this luxury Korean skincare line apart from the rest. We all know the powerful benefits of ingesting ginseng, specifically, its anti […]

WF is Skin Deep with K-Beauty

Wellness You’ve heard of K-Pop—hello BTS! You’ve heard of K—Drama—we see you Crash Landing Into You! But just how familiar are you with K-Beauty? It’s an open secret that when beauty editors are looking for the latest trends in skin care, they look to see what’s hot in the South Korean beauty market and what […]