You’ve heard of K-Pop—hello BTS! You’ve heard of K—Drama—we see you Crash Landing Into You! But just how familiar are you with K-Beauty?

It’s an open secret that when beauty editors are looking for the latest trends in skin care, they look to see what’s hot in the South Korean beauty market and what Korean women are incorporating into their multi-step skin care routine. WF is looking beyond the big luxury brands you’ve been oversold for years. If we’re spending hundreds of dollars on skin cream, that money better be in the ingredient list—not the marketing!

Créme de la Mer has long held the title of most coveted skin cream in the luxury market, but that reign seems to be faltering, with divisive online reviews suggesting its not worth the exorbitant cost and claims that it’s product origin is mired in exaggeration fuelled by it’s owner, the Estée Lauder company.

We’re not picking sides on the history, but if we’re being totally honest, after a few test runs with La Mér products, we are giving it a pass and turning to South Korea’s best kept secret—AMOREPACIFIC.

The secret ingredient to these magical creams? Green Tea grown in the volcanic soil of Jeju Island in South Korea! But this potent green tea extract isn’t for sipping. It’s too powerful for that. It’s been said that Asian princesses used to rub their faces with these mighty leaves in order to preserve their youth.

WF had a chance to chat with Caitlin Ricciuto, Account Executive East Coast of AMOREPACIFIC and Sulwahsoo. She lights up when she discusses the brands. Why? “Unlike some of the well known beauty brands that use third party ingredients, AmorePacific grows, harvests and handpicks its own Green Tea leaves, that contain the most potent antioxidants, polyphenol EGCG.

Caitlin’s Top Three Picks You Need To Try Now:

As Ricciuto points out, “there’s a reason AMOREPACIFIC made the Forbes annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies.” The company’s commitment to inventive research and development while adhering to traditional business practices, sets it apart in the crowded luxury beauty market.

WhiplashFactor has already started testing some of the brands more popular products. We can’t wait to share the results with you in a follow up post! ! If you’re a fan or testing out some K-Beauty products, let us know! We want to hear about your results. Tag our socials!