Art & Literature


For the month of April, WF decided to showcase two books, a work of fiction and a collection of essays written by a dynamic, intersectional group of women. We’re not interested in self help books right now, we’re all just doing our best, right? Sometimes the best therapy is curling up with a good book and getting lost in the words. Here’s where you’ll find us this month!

HUNGRY HEARTS: Essays on Courage, Desire and Belonging.

Edited By: Jennifer Rudolph Walsh

Sixteen women. Sixteen essays. The creative thought leaders, all participants of Travel Live, a storytelling event series featuring raw, yet inspirational tales of heartbreak, resilience and transformation go all in. These stories are deeply personal, emotional and sprinkled with humor. A diverse group of women from different generations feels like the spiritual hug we all need right now. You may not be able to see a live event series like this, but Jennifer Rudolph Walsh has brought all these powerful voices right to you.

Writers & Lovers. Lily King

Sometimes we’re in the mood for an easy read, with a dash of cliché. The kind of book where you’re rooting for the protagonist, overlooking the banal and hoping for a happy ending. This is it. This is a story of a grieving young woman who is ready to start her ‘real life.’While we’re waiting to get back to ours, this is definitely one to read with your friends.