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It’s been a year since we really started feeling the lockdown effects of the pandemic. The news of the past year has been grim and the fatigue has been exhausting. With spring quickly approaching and the hopes of more social freedoms nearly within reach, we decided to lighten the mood of the March book stack with these three incredibly funny women. These raunchy and hilarious essays/memoirs are bringing the laughs we all desperately need.

We Are Never Meeting In Real Life. Samantha Irby.

Humorist, essayist and blogger Samantha Irby takes her most awkward and awful life moments and recounts them in a hilarious, fearless and self-deprecating way. The jacket cover reads, “…sometimes you just have to laugh, even when your life is a dumpster fire.” We couldn’t agree more.

Dear Girls. Ali Wong.

If you’ve watched Wong perform some of her Netflix stand up comedy, you know that she is downright funny and shocking. Dear Girls is a collection of no filter letters that she has written for her daughters to read in the distant future, when they’re ‘adult’ enough to read them. What seems like a laugh out loud retelling of Wong’s sexcapades and life, is really about a working mothers self reflection on family discord, sexism and marriage.

Challenge Accepted! 253 Steps To Become An Anti-It Girl. Celeste Barber.

She is a social media darling whose silly online antics usually find her parodying the celebrities who find her attention hilariously flattering. Actor, writer and comedian, Barber’s book is part memoir, part advice manual on life’s challenges. This book will bring the laughs, much like her social media presence.