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WF Picks: Let's Read May 2021!

WF is excited for this one! Nobel laureate and Booker Prize winning author Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest novel,
Klara and the Sun has already received rave reviews, is a New York Times bestseller and a Good Morning
America book club pick. The novel tells the story of Klara, an Artificial Intelligence ‘friend’ who possesses
incredible observational skills of passerby’s and remains hopeful that she will soon be ‘chosen’ as a
companion and forces the reader to ask the fundamental question of what it means to love.

Maureen Corrigan of NPR describes the book as “one of the most affecting and profound novels Ishiguro
has ever written…I’ll go for broke and call Klara and the Sun a masterpiece that will make you think
about life, mortality, the saving grace of love, in short: the all of it.”

Mental health is no laughing matter, but Jenny Lawson successfully uses self deprecating humour to
share her struggles with depression and mental illness. If you’ve read any of Lawson’s previous New
York Times best-selling books, you’ll know she uses comedy to share anecdotal tales of anxiety and
depression in the most humanizing of ways. After a year of living through a global pandemic, there are
few books that will connect with its readers and offer much needed joy and hope the way Lawson is able
to do. Relatable and funny. Add it to the stack dear reader.