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Hey book lovers! If you’re anything like us and super fans of Sally Rooney’s last book and subsequent TV show Normal People, you’ll be happy to hear that Rooney’s latest book has hit bookshelves everywhere
and has already snagged the top spot on the New York Times best sellers list.

This is the third novel from the Irish author and screenwriter, and it doesn’t disappoint. Described by many as the great millennial novelist of our time, Rooney continues to pack an emotional punch with her impassioned prose and deep dive into relationships, sex and friendship.

I think I would feel superficially sadder, but less fundamentally broken as a person, if I could just be sad
about one break-up, rather than sad about my lifelong inability to sustain a meaningful relationship.
― Sally Rooney, Beautiful World, Where Are You.

WF loves to balance out our monthly reading stacks with some thought provoking nonfiction and this book by J.B. MacKinnon does just that. With a prologue that reads, “We must stop shopping, but we can’t stop shopping,”get ready to reevaluate your relationship to the materials we believe we need, the dependency it causes and the destruction that ensues.

MacKinnon quotes James Baldwin in the opening pages, by saying, “people are drowning in things. They
don’t even know what they want them for. They are actually useless. You can’t make love to a Cadillac,
though everyone appears to be trying to.”

This book is a thought experiment in what if we all suddenly listened to “all the voices throughout history that have asked us to live with less.” Something for all of us to chew on—and not spit out.